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Strategic Plan, 2022

Please click here to view the School's values, mission and strategic direction, as expressed in our Strategic Plan, 2018-2022


Annual Report

The School publishes its annual report for the previous calendar year here.

Please click here for the 2021 OAGS Annual Report. 


Parents are required under the Education Act (1990) to make application to the Principal to seek exemption from attendance for compulsory school-aged children. Permission may be granted by the Principal where it has been demonstrated the exemption is in the best interests of the student. 

Click here to download an exemption application form.

Work experience

Work Experience allows students to see firsthand what happens in a typical day in the workplace. With the support of their parents, students who would like to undertake work experience establish contact an employer they would like to go with. The preferred employer along with the student’s family will be required to complete and return the appropriate documentation. Upon submission, the work experience application is assessed, and the level of risk and duty of care evaluated. Contact between the school and employer is then established and work experience approved where appropriate. Whilst there is some flexibility in the timing of the work experience, school examination periods and other major events in the life of the school life are not appropriate times for students to be absent on work experience.

If you would like more information about Work Experience, please contact Mr Brown, Head of School Welfare and Wellbeing.


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SASC Student Accident Insurance PolicyFact Sheet and Certificate of Currency

If you would like to discuss a policy, or require information that is not available on the website please don't hesitate to contact OAGS Administration on 02 6360 4811. 

Child Safe Policy

Student Code of Conduct

Parent/Guardian Code of Conduct 

Staff Code of Conduct

Standard Collection Notice

Privacy Policy

Whistleblower Policy

WHS Policy

The BYOD Policy can be found here

The School's SunSmart Policy can be found here. 

The Mobile Phone policy can be found here.

The School's Privacy Policy may be found here.

The Anti-bullying Policy can be found here

The Discipline policy can be found here. 

The full uniform guide can be found here. 

The School's Homework Policy can be found here. 

The School's Grievance Policy can be found here. 

The School's Attendance Policy can be found here.