Applications for 2021 Scholarships are now closed. 

Applications for 2022 Scholarships will open in March 2021.

Academic & All-Round Scholarships

Orange Anglican Grammar School offers Academic & All-Round Scholarships to suitable applicants each school year. Applicants will be Secondary students who demonstrate all-round values in community involvement, a willingness and drive to succeed, a talent or special interest or an overall interest in others' well-being. All-Round Scholarships will not be awarded on academic ability alone, though this is a significant factor. They assume that the applicant will be willing to contribute generally to the Orange Anglican Grammar community and to the broader goals of the School.

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Value and tenure

An Academic or All-Round Scholarship entitles the holder to part remission of tuition fees only. These scholarships are awarded for the duration of the Scholars schooling at Orange Anglican Grammar School, but are reviewed every 12 months to evaluate the student's contribution to the school, or academic performance.

The number of Academic & All-Round Scholarships that are awarded per annum varies, dependent upon applications.

How to apply

1)    Complete and submit a Scholarship Registration Form along with the applicable Scholarship application fee (listed on the Scholarship Registration Form)

2) For prospective students please complete the OAGS Enrolment Application Form. Please email to obtain an enrolment form for the purpose of applying for a Scholarship.

3) Academic Scholarship Applicants will be contacted to attend the ACER Scholarship exam.  

3) The School will contact the applicant and his/her parents/carers for an interview with the Headmaster & Scholarship panel.



Acceptance of an Academic & All-Round Scholarship

At a time agreed by the scholarship panel a scholarship may be offered at the discretion of the Headmaster. Written acceptance must be received and, in the case of new enrolments, be accompanied with payment of a non-refundable Acceptance Fee of $450.

Bursary Assistance

Orange Anglican Grammar School occasionally provides temporary Bursary assistance (means-tested fee relief) to eligible families.  This relief is intended to reduce the cost of tuition fees, thus making the cost of an Orange Grammar education temporarily more affordable.


Current students are eligible to apply. Means-tested fee relief is intended to reduce the cost of tuition fees only, during a time of unforeseen financial hardship.

Value and Tenure

A bursary entitles the holder to part remission of tuition fees only. Bursaries are offered for a limited period of time, but not usually more than 12 months, to assist families experiencing financial difficulties.

The number of bursaries awarded per annum varies, dependent on applications and needs. The reasons for this are usually, but not limited to, parent unemployment or family trauma.

How to Apply

Please email to book a time to meet with the Headmaster.

Acceptance of a Bursary

If a bursary is offered at the discretion of the Headmaster, written acceptance must be received and the recipient must enter into a direct debit arrangement to pay fees.

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