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Steps to Enrolment

Families who would like to pursue the possibility of enrolment are asked to complete an online enrolment application form and attend a Twilight Tour

After receiving an application, the School will:

  • Acknowledge receipt of the application
  • Place the student on a waiting list
  • Begin offering enrolment interviews when vacancies are available
  • Incomplete applications will not be offered an interview
  • An interview is not a guarantee of an offer

The School will consider every application holistically and may offer an enrolment interview to the parents of applicants when a place is available

An open enrolment policy exists at the school, respecting religious differences within our community. Our families need not be Anglican, but must be supportive of the School’s Christian philosophy and principles.

​Students who are not offered a place after the academic year commences remain on the waiting list and may be contacted if a place becomes available. This applies to all year groups.

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