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Cadets - 252ACU

In a safe environment that encourages friendship and fun, students from Years 8 to 12 are invited to join the 252 Army Cadet Unit. Cadets participate in a continuum of learning experiences that sequentially build upon their developing skills including Navigation, Communication, First Aid, Camp Craft, Bush Craft, Field Craft and Drill. Under the supervision of their Officers, Senior cadets in leadership positions work collaboratively to plan and implement activities during the weekly routine training parades and in the field during our bivouac (BIV) events and Annual Field Exercises (AFX).

Each year cadets have the opportunity to nominate to attend the Annual Leadership and Promotions Courses (APC). These excellent leadership courses equip cadets with the skills to lead the Unit and many of these leaders in training end up applying these leadership skills to other contexts outside of the Army Cadet Unit. Continuation of training also occurs through participation with either Support Company or in a field-based advanced cadet skills company; Echo Company.

The cadet training year concludes following the Annual Ceremonial Parade and this formal occasion is a wonderful opportunity to celebrate their achievements for the year. Whilst Australian Army Cadets has strong links to the Australian Army, cadets are not part of the Army and there are no expectations that cadets join the Army after Year 12.