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Our School

From Prep to Year 12, OAGS families are part of a community that is growing, not just in size but in opportunities and reputation. A community where every child is recognised, and their unique gifts and talents are nurtured, as they write their own story of discovery. As a Christian School we champion learning that ignites self-discovery with both academic depth and real-world skills.

Securing success isn't just about overcoming external challenges; it's about helping our students conquer their internal battles. It's the shy student finding their voice, the uncertain one leading with passion, and the dreamer realising their potential. Our graduates emerge with a grounded, determined confidence, ready not just to face the world, but to transform it with compassion.

On this quest, Christ is our compass. He compels us to inspire our students to not just aim for personal success but to uplift others. The OAGS secret? It's our community. A network of parents and teachers working together to infuse a sense of love and belonging that ensures every OAGS student is more than a statistic. They are a story of aspiration, resilience, and personal success. They are part of a community where success isn’t just measured, it’s celebrated.

We have been a part of the OAGS community for 9 years. Both of our children started in the Prep programme and are now in years 8 and 5. Our children are very comfortable in the school and we think it is so important that parents and teachers work as a team in the education and development of our children. The importance placed on the music, arts and multiple sports programmes the school provides is essential to a healthy, balanced school life.
— Bec - Secondary School Parent