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LEAP - Leveraging Enhanced Academic Performance

LEAP is a programme that identifies high potential learners and provides a targeted initiative to enrich and enhance their academic performance. 

Research shows that high potential learners benefit from a structured, holistic approach to learning. With this in mind, the LEAP programme seeks to extend students through a range of investigations that supplement their mainstream curricula. 

Attention is given to student mastery of research, providing students with opportunities to lead experiments, discussions and seminars. 

Students selected for this extra-curricular programme will meet for a timetabled LEAP session each week. During that time, they will be taught a differentiated curriculum stressing higher order thinking skills, technological skills, and the languages and arts. There will also be opportunities for cross-curricular enrichment through a range of STEM and literary related excursions and competitions.

This year the LEAP programme will undertake a variety of inter-disciplinary topics, such as

  • Megafauna 
  • The science of music 
  • The architectural world of Antoni Gaudi
  • Myth Busting

The LEAP programme aims to enthuse students about learning and to spark their academic imaginations in a captivating, positive and convivial setting.   


The LEAP programme at Orange Anglican Grammar School is an invitational programme.

Investigations that incorporate a variety of learning areas enable students to see the connected nature of research and encourage students to apply themselves across a wider range of disciplines, not just the ones that they feel confident or comfortable with. The overall intention is to provide students with the insights and skills to apply themselves enthusiastically to all their academic endeavours.  
— Mr St. Julian - LEAP Coordinator