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Pastoral Care Program

OAGS is committed to the holistic development of each of our students. We recognise that students are only able to thrive in the classroom if they are supported, nurtured, developed and appropriately challenged socially, emotionally and spiritually. Our Pastoral Care programme encompasses a range of initiatives to target key areas in order to foster healthy wellbeing and engagement.

Students are supported by a school-wide Pastoral Care Team who are responsible for monitoring and supporting student wellbeing and engagement. Supported by a School Psychologist, the Pastoral Care Team collaborates with students, staff, families and external specialists to ensure students are provided with the opportunities to thrive and see individual success. 

All students attend a weekly Chapel service and a fortnightly Assembly, contribute to their House group and actively engage in social-emotional learning activities. Peer Support and Buddy programs run in both the Primary and Secondary Schools and contribute to the development of a sense of belonging within the school community as well as encouraging our students to serve others.