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Dance at OAGS delivers the opportunity for our students from K - 12 to explore and express themselves freely through performance and movement in a number of co-curricular groups. 

Dance teachers on staff collaborate with local dance studios to offer a professional programme across a range of genres to students of all ages. Through dance a child can develop a better understanding of themselves, both physically and mentally, as well as understanding others and the world around them as part of the creative process. Dance at OAGS caters for beginners, with additional opportunities for more advanced dancers to audition for our Company Programme. 

  • OAGS Dance is our social programme and is suitable for any student who would like to be involved

Each week as the dance groups learn and practise a routine, they become more confident and are able to express their personality and emotions through their movement. Promoting the importance of teamwork and social inclusion we provide a safe environment within which young children can blossom and grow, practising important life skills and becoming confident risk takers. 

Performance opportunities include participation in local eisteddfods, community activities and the annual OAGS CAPA Showcase. 

  • The Company Programme is designed to train the whole dancer in dance technique, performance and composition. Additional performance opportunities are just a small component with dancers training weekly in a predominantly contemporary style. The Company Programme is run and taught by fully qualified and professional dance teachers and aims to help prepare students for the pre-professional dance world. 


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