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The Early Learning Years are a critical time of development for young children in order to establish the foundations for a lifelong love of learning. In Prep, children are immersed in a world of play-based learning, investigation and inquiry led by an experienced, knowledgeable and dedicated team of professionals. 

The focus of our Prep programme is on building social skills, developing children’s confidence and promoting the acquisition of fundamental knowledge and skills across a range of areas including literacy, numeracy and physical movement. The Prep curriculum uses the latest educational pedagogy and research to best prepare children for their first formal year of education in Kindergarten. Children are introduced to the phonics, reading and numeracy programs used in the primary school, giving them a head start in their development of key skills. The Early Learning Team, consisting of Prep and Kindergarten teachers, works together closely to ensure consistency, cohesion and a smooth transition into Kindergarten.

Our Prep students are an integral part of our school community and are involved in the weekly primary school Chapel, Assemblies, special events and peer support programs. Similarly, they also have access to the Secondary School Agriculture Centre of Excellence, Food Tech classroom and the school playground areas to further enhance their learning.

The Prep programme is fun, engaging, meaningful and enriching, providing the perfect platform for children to thrive and reach their full potential.

Prep is the highlight of my son's week. He adores Mr Bornen and the Prep team. The entire programme is fantastic, we couldn't be happier.
— Michelle, Prep Parent