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Excellence At OAGS

OAGS students are supported and encouraged to develop competencies, personal management attributes and leadership skills throughout their schooling so that they may demonstrate our school values of Truth, Excellence and Service in all that they do. 

The School will encourage, recognise and celebrate the application of these attributes, competencies and associated skills by acknowledging academic growth, positive social skills, the demonstration of school values and the development of character traits and learning dispositions. We recognise that all students are different and unique and we will celebrate this diversity by awarding students for personal growth across a wide range of areas in the school.

We have established different systems of recognition in the Primary and Secondary school, in order to meet the developmental needs of the students as they grow and change. 

Our systems of recognition are designed to acknowledge and celebrate achievements in:

  • Academics
  • Sport 
  • Creative and Performing Arts
  • Agriculture 
  • Community Service

These opportunities for recognition occur at Assemblies and Awards Ceremonies throughout the year and at our Annual Presentation Night.